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A new study coauthored by Harvard Medical School professor of medicine I-Min Lee , ScD, showed that those who got moderate exercise for just 11 minutes a day lived 1.8 years longer than those who didn't exercise at all. The study pooled data from six large studies of more than 650,000 middle aged people followed for about 10 years. Those who exercised an average of 22 minutes a day, as suggested by federal guidelines, gained 3.4 years of life.

These results are great news for the more than half of all American adults who don't meet the federal guidelines because it shows that just a little improvement can have a significant impact. The more people exercised, the better the results they achieved, although progress seemed to taper off when people reached 43 minute of exercise a day.

Those who got more vigorous exercise like playing squash or running got the same results in half the time. The gains in longevity applied to all who exercised irrespective of their body mass index suggesting that even those who are obese could increase their longevity with a basic exercise routine.

In the anti aging DVDReverse Aging Now” Walter Willet, MD of Harvard Medical School pointed out that, “Regular physical activity helps reduce the risk of heart attack, helps reduce diabetes, helps prevent colon cancer, helps reduce the risk of breast cancer, and helps reduce the risk of stroke."

Dr. Lee admitted that she didn't exercise until as a graduate student she started studying exercise's physiological effect. Now she runs 15-20 miles a week.

Fecal Bacteria Infects Most Ground Turkey

If like many of us you've turned to ground turkey as a tasty, low fat alternative to beer, consider that in its analysis of retail ground turkey Consumer Reports has just reported that most ground turkey is contaminated by fecal bacteria. More than 90 percent of the samples tested positive for some bacteria with one or more of the five types for which the magazine tested, with 60 percent of the samples containing Escherichia coli. The magazine tested 257 samples of ground turkey from 21 states.

The magazine also revealed that most of the bacteria are resistant to the antibiotics used to treat them, caused by some of the turkey growers administering antibiotics on a daily basis. Ground turkey labeled “raised without antibiotics” were less likely to harbor resistant strains, although those labeled “organic” were just as likely to be infested.

The key to keeping these turkey borne pathogens from your family's food supply is to thoroughly clean all food preparation instruments before and after using them. Keep the turkey refrigerated below 40 degrees F to inhibit bacteria growth and heat food to at least 170 degrees F, which is what it takes to kill Listeria. Simply put, don't serve turkey burgers cooked rare.

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