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Ready for Bathing Suit Season? Cut Your Cancer Risk in Half

Nothing makes a a body look better look better than good health. One of the most sapping diseases humans face is having our own cells wage war against us. More than 600,000 Americans die from cancer annually, more people than live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. About half of cancer deaths in the United States could be prevented if all Americans stopped smoking, limited their drinking, kept to a healthy weight and squeezed in an average of 22 minutes a day of physical activity, according to researchers in the May 2016 edition of the journal JAMA Oncology. The data was based on research done at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health in Boston.

The results would lead one to conclude that the most effective way to fight cancer is to promote healthful lifestyle changes that tackle cancer We're all familiar with Benjamin Franklin's axiom, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Putting a major effort into forestalling cancer would reap even greater benefits than investing in research leading to the after-the-fact therapies financed by President Obama's recently announced “Cancer Moonshot” initiative. “Primary prevention should remain a priority for cancer control,” wrote the study authors, Drs. Mingyang Song and Edward Giovannucci.

Lifestyle changes would seem to be a more cost effective way to fight cancer than another expensive government program, but human inertia presents challenges. Although the Surgeon General's report, which concluded that smoking was a cause of lung cancer, was released in 1964, fifty years later 17 percent of American adults— about 40 million people — still smoked according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Most American adults are overweight with 38 percent of us obese. Over the past month, about 22.5 percent of American adults reported that they engaged in no physical activity outside of what was demanded by work, while about the same percentage bothered to adhere to government guidelines regarding aerobic physical and muscle-strengthening activity. When we add up the majority in the middle the number is mind blowing. Despite the proliferation of health clubs, with 55 million members in 2015, nearly 4 of 5 American adults are not getting enough healthful exercise.

Drinking presents a different set of issues, because a stigma is associated with drinking too much, so take these figures as floors not ceilings. About 60 percent of American adults consume less than a single alcoholic drink per week. Nearly one in five of them often drink heavily, defined as consuming more than 6 ounces of hard liquor or 4-5 servings of wine or beer at the same occasion. About a quarter all of adults acknowledge they have engaged in binge drinking, and 6.7 percent admit that they had done so on five or more occasions in the last month As Walter Willett, MD, Chair of the Department of Nutrition of Harvard Medical School author of Eat, Drink and Be Healthy, put it in the anti aging documentary, "Reverse Aging Now," alcohol in low doses is beneficial for cardiovascular health, but excess is detrimental. Women should average no more than one drink a day while men should top out at two.

Since summer is around the corner, and exercise drives down the risk of 13 kinds of cancer, we offer this video to inspire you:


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