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To not give offense, "Happy Holidays" has emerged as a catch all greeting offered to those celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa. A closer look shows that light is a key element in commemorating these holy days: the eight candles of the Hanukkah Menorah; the seven candle Kinara of Kwanzaa; and the bulbs on every Christmas Tree.

This month is the darkest time of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, home of 90 percent of the world’s people. It must have been terrifying for our ancient ancestors to watch night roll in earlier and earlier, the earth grow colder, and game hibernate, until somebody caught on that warmth would someday return.

In the blackest periods of our own lives, it is good to be reminded that light will come back. Not surprisingly, belief is a central tenet of the holidays, that a temple could be consecrated with a single day of oil which miraculously lasted eight; in Kwanzaa, "to believe, with all our heart, in our Creator, and our people;" and with Christmas to believe that God so loved the world that he sent his son to become man to redeem it from sin.

Belief is also a key element of anti-aging medicine, that despite our decline, we believe that we can take charge of how we age, adopting a series of healthy lifestyle changes that will make us biologically younger than our contemporaries.

In the anti-aging documentary Reverse Aging Now, Dean Ornish, MD, discussed how belief is a key element of survival after major heart surgery. Belief in a higher power as well as strong social ties have been found to increase survival rates after major surgery by 40 percent. Ornish stressed that it doesn't matter what the belief was in, simply that the patient believed in something.

It is in the holiday spirit of belief, that I wish everyone a healthy and loving celebration.

For the Reverse Aging News guide to healthy holiday eating presented in last month’s issue, click here.

Sex Is a Key To Happy Aging

As some people age, the frequency of sexual activity falls off. By the time many reach 65, sex is but a fond memory. A new study shows that maintaining an active sex life produces a major improvement in overall mental attitude.

Married seniors who are sexually active just once a month live happier lives and have more joyful marriages than those who don't share physical intimacy. Only a 40 percent minority of the participants who had no sex in the previous year reported that they were happy with life in general, but a significant majority of nearly 60 percent of those who had sex more than once a month said they were very happy with their lives.

When it came to rating their marriages, 59 percent of those who had no sex in the past year said that they were happy with their marriage, while 80 percent of those who had sex more than once a month said that they were very happy.

The survey was based on the responses of 238 married people age 65 years or older and was conducted by Adrienne Jackson, PhD an assistant professor at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University. The research was presented late November in Boston at The Gerontological Society of America's 64th Annual Scientific Meeting.

Fit for Sex - the Exercise Guide for Lovers

Sexual activity drops off for many of us as a result of hormonal changes as well as basic fitness issues. What fun is sex if you get winded during the act and are left with a sore back?

Hormone replacement therapy and natural anti-impotence remedies like L-Arginine are explored in the anti-aging DVD Reverse Aging Now, which also thoroughly covers diet and general fitness. You can order your copy here.

For couples' exercises designed to increase intimacy and build physical prowess, consider Fit for Sex - the Exercise Guide for Lovers.

Playboy fitness expert Gil Kaan has crafted a series of simple routines that evolve into partnered workouts. The attractive models in this DVD work out naked. They are lovingly photographed in the sensual Playboy style. Fit for Sex - the Exercise Guide for Lovers is a tastefully produced guide to getting one's body ready with a partner for exhilarating sex. It's refreshing to see sensual intimacy so enticingly and frankly presented.

Some of the routines might be too strenuous at first, so ease into these workouts, proceeding cautiously, especially if you're out of shape. When you're not with your partner, remember to keep exercising to build your aerobic capacity and muscle strength, as outlined in this free video. You can order Fit for Sex - the Exercise Guide for Lovers here at 50 percent off list price, for only $14.95, from the best source of quality anti-aging videos online, ReverseAging.TV.

Why not give a copy to your lover? After the holiday feasting is over, It would make a satisfying way to kick off the New Year.

Walking Speed Emerges as Longevity Indicator

At the age of 59 Satchel Page, was the oldest to ever pitch in a major league game. He often said, “Don’t look back, someone may be gaining on you.”

Our mortality is gaining on all of us. The quicker we walk, we could escape it longer.

In a 2011 study by the University of Pittsburgh, researchers looking at nearly 35,000 seniors have learned that walking speed is an accurate indicator of how long a person is going to live. In the study, only 19 percent of the slowest walking 75 year old men lived for an additional decade compared to 87 percent of the fastest walkers.

Just 35 percent of the slowest walking 75 year old women lived to their 85th birthdays compared to 91 percent of the fastest walkers.

Walking speed varied by a more than a factor for three: from 1.3 feet per second, placing people at the highest risk of death risk, to those at 4.6 feet per second and up, those at the lowest mortality risk.

The anti-aging documentary, Reverse Aging Now goes into specifics of how to begin an exercise program through walking. Simply adding a half hour of walking to a daily routine can melt ten pounds a year.

It’s important to note that the University of Pittsburgh study does not say that increasing your walking speed will increase your life. It simply concludes that fast walkers live longer than slow walkers. Since the faster you walk, the harder you exercise and the benefits of rigorous exercise are myriad, it does stand to reason that picking up the pace can contribute to lengthening your life.

To see how one baby boomer is applying anti-aging precepts to his own life, go to Anti-Aging To embrace anti-aging you need to make a mental as well as physical journey. It's not always easy, but well worth the effort. Remember to watch our anti-aging documentary, “Reverse Aging Now.

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